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Productivity • LifeHacks • Travels • Lifestyle // Intuitive product marketer, recent UX designer, aspiring design thinker and amateur chef.

Weeks 5–6 Ironhack Berlin

This project was in collaboration with my awesome classmate Philipp Paluch.

Growing up in the North American “work culture” has its ups and downs. One of the upsides is that everyone finds ways to be more productive, focused and efficient. The downside is that often people forget to slow down and remember to balance their productivity and health. I believe in efficiency and working smarter. With that in mind, this UX/UI project was very insightful and fun to tackle because it’s a topic that many individuals struggle with to today.

Project brief

We had to propose and design…

Week 2 Ironhack

This was in collaboration with two other classmates Alessio Sacconi and Miguel Guttierez.

Challenge brief:

Local shops are suffering a decrease in the demand for their services and products due to the extreme situation COVID-19 pushed worldwide. Our challenge this week was to design an e-commerce website to help a local business improve its online presence to be more competitive in the actual market and support fighting this pandemic issue.

Client stakeholder

We decided to go with Alessio’s friend in Berlin who runs her own pasta business called “Craving 4 Pasta”. (This was also just a fun topic… because well pasta!)

Week 1 Ironhack Berlin

Unsplash — Gilly

The goal was not to present a finished and polished prototype by the end of the week. We were asked to focus on isolating, researching and understanding a more precise, granular and specific problem from the given list. The outcome will be an overview of the solution: a first attempt to organize requirements, actors, and resources with technology to improve people's experience.

Challenge Chosen:

As the relationship between the metropolis and rural areas are transforming, moving around the city has also witnessed a transformation over the past years. A huge variety of alternatives is emerging in the transportation…

Week 4 of UX/UI Bootcamp.

This was in collaboration with my rockstar classmate Tanyel Taran. We had a blast working together on this project!

Challenge brief:

Design a responsive online platform for a magazine, newspaper, or blog directed to meet the needs and goals of one of the presented User Personas.

The user persona we chose was James “The Ambitious Businessman”

  • He reads Bloomberg, Time, Forbes, TechCrunch.
  • He is passionate about Sociology and Economics. Work is not only a job but a life pursue.
  • He reads after work. He’s interested in innovative tools and techniques for better retention of the readings.
  • Goals…

This is week 3 of Ironhack Berlin Bootcamp.


Analyze a highly adopted app, and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. The feature developed will be based on an area of functionality to be explored and compared to user input.

This will culminate into a high-fidelity prototype of the native app that reflects my best path forward based on research, iteration, and testing.

Product Choice

I was assigned the famous Instagram app, (which I’m a heavy user myself!) and the feature proposals were:

  • Add a “Preview Post” on your profile feed
  • Add a “Schedule Post” function

Basic Research

I spent some time answering…

This challenge is part of the IronHack Berlin UX/UI prework.

In 2017, the world voted for the seven wonders of the new millennium .This particular wanderlust challenge has asked us to walk in the shoes of a world traveler.

Seven Wonders of the World

User type & basic destination research

The user persona selected out of the 6 choices is the “Young group — 20–40 y/o” based on my audience reach. It’s a group that has traveled together before. The destination selected is Petra, Jordan.

  • My users are Canadian, therefore they don’t require visas.
  • Nearest airport: Queen Alia International Airport is the largest international airport (AMM), then they would drive to Petra.
  • Currency and exchange from your own currency: Jordanian Dinar…

Before starting, let’s define wireframes. It is a simple visual representation in black and white of how the flow of the app or website will look like. The purpose is to focus on the functionality, and not get distracted by the aesthetics such as colors, logo, font size etc. But ensuring the main functions… make sense. Benefits of wireframing include saving you time in the long run, creates consistency and ensures functionality before the glitter.

Diving into the music and Figma

For this particular challenge, I chose to create a wireframe of the user flow for the Shazam app. I have always admired the simplicity and…

Ironhack’s Prework:CindyOran_Challenge1.

This is an assignment as part of the prework for IronHack’s UX/UI bootcamp. We are asked to help with finding a new feature solution for the mobile app UrbanGo by using Design Thinking principles.

UrbanGo is a public transit and mapping startup based in Silicon Valley. The app displays transport options with live timing between locations and different modes of transport such as walking, biking, driving and public transport. Their goal is to solve the problems of urban mobility by offering the quickest and cheapest public and private transport routes to their users.

The current pain point across users: they…

Unsplash — Brooke Lark

The topic of applying for jobs has come up a lot in recent months amongst my friends and I who are looking for the next opportunity. The pandemic played a huge part in the job market dent and leaving many stressed and developing imposter thoughts.

Every time I discuss job applications with friends and whether or not they should apply, I’m always baffled by the same statement “I don’t think I’m qualified” which is usually followed by a sigh and nervous laughter.

The first thing that crosses my mind is “so what…why not??” …

I’ve tried these methods to help me stay focus, healthy, and not lose my mind during these uncertain times.

Unsplash — Jeffery Erhunse

2020 was a bit of a shitshow (understatement) as we all know. The unexpected year made everyone feel out of control, worried about the future, anxious about their mental health and fear the unknown. Given the circumstances, I figured if there’s anything I can do or mildly control, it was to make it back for Christmas with my parents in Canada. I hadn’t been back in a few years and I’m an only child — so it was a duty per…

Cindy H. Oran

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